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Com Truise chats with Moonset before leaving on tour

NV: Through your releases you've shared a sci-fi narrative from the eyes, or ears, of Earth’s first synthetic astronaut -- Com Truise.

At the end of Wave 1 he "...successfully makes contact with the far-off Wave 1 colony but, once he does, things get fuzzy. He falls in love; there is a war coming. A story that began in hope and dreams of discovery ends on an uncertain note."

Silicon Tare continued from there, and "...formed a prelude to the next full-length, which is intended to conclude the saga."

Six years have passed since your first full-length album, Galactic Melt. Where is Com Truise in Iteration? -- out June 16.

Does this album conclude the saga?

CT: Iteration definitely concludes this chapter of Com's journey. As to where it will go in the future, we might get a glimpse into the past, maybe the reason he was ever sent to make contact, or maybe his development. I haven't really put much thought into it as of right now.

NV: If you could make music of another genre, which one would that be?

CT: I'd love to produce straight-up funk!