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Goofball Prince of Indie Rock, Mac DeMarco

I just spent the last 20 minutes watching Mac DeMarco on Hot Ones, a spicy chicken wing challenge by First We Feast, where he successfully manages to make his way through each spicy wing, finishing off the hottest one -- which tallies in at 550,000 Scoville heat units. All the while talking about farts, how many days one can go wearing the same jeans, and expressing his love of Jar Jar Binks -- it's safe to say DeMarco is as real as it gets, and his goofiness has set him apart from most musicians.

Mac DeMarco recently unveiled his latest album, "This Old Dog," the follow up to 2014's "Salad Days" and 2015's mini-LP of love songs, "Another One." If you are not familiar with DeMarco's down-to-earth personality, all you need to know is this: when "Another One" was released he made it instantly available through streaming and during the song My House by the Water, he read out the address to his old home in Brooklyn, inviting fans to “Stop on by, I'll make you a cup of coffee. See you later."

"We made a lot of coffee," said the Canada native in an interview with The Guardian.

DeMarco tells Billboard that he wrote the songs on "This Old Dog" for himself. “A lot of the songs I wrote not thinking I was going to put them on an album, so I didn’t put up any block or barrier." The maturity in his lines almost seem at odds with his goofy public persona, which has earned him the name "Goofball Prince of Indie Rock," a title the press helped perpetuate.

From someone who was looking to hire an assistant who has experience with "dank memes" and once created a sketch character called Dave Fuck, Mac DeMarco is exactly what this generation needs. A gap-toothed Canadian dude, with a dope hat and a boyish grin, to make our anxiety about growing older a totally chill and relatable feeling.

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