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Furns releases new album - Only Through Your Eyes

If you have been following me since the dawn of moonset records, you’d know that I was captivated by Danish duo – FURNS – from the moment I heard “Haunt Me.”

When I last posted about these moonset playlist alumni, they had just released their first single off of Only Through Your Eyes – which was made public on April 29.

Today I listened to the album in its entirety.

I started writing this post by trying to explain what I heard, but music is emotion and feelings are hard to explain – so here are some words that may illustrate what I hear:

Beauty. Nostalgia. Elegance. Ambience. Soul.

Seductive vocals. Dreamy synths. Enchanting aura.

This album paired with the non-stop rain in Miami, is giving me a feeling of melancholic happiness and I like it.

As I finished this post, I finished the album once more and I think I’ll loop it for the next few months.

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